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Custom configuration

You can override some default properties if your environment requires that.

Configuration locations

The configuration may be loaded from multiple locations. Properties are considered in the following order:

  1. Environment variables
  2. ~/ file (a Java properties file, enabled by the properties-config feature) Example locations:
    Linux: /home/myuser/
    Windows: C:/Users/myuser/
    macOS: /Users/myuser/

Docker host resolution

The host is resolved in the following order:

  1. Docker host from the property in the ~/ file.
  2. DOCKER_HOST environment variable.
  3. Docker host from the "" property in the ~/ file.
  4. Else, the default Docker socket will be returned.

Docker authentication

Sometimes the Docker images you use live in a private Docker registry. For that reason, Testcontainers for Rust gives you the ability to read the Docker configuration and retrieve the authentication for a given registry. Configuration is fetched in the following order:

  1. DOCKER_AUTH_CONFIG environment variable, unmarshalling the string value from its JSON representation and using it as the Docker config.
  2. DOCKER_CONFIG environment variable, as an alternative path to the directory containing Docker config.json file.
  3. else it will load the default Docker config file, which lives in the user's home, e.g. ~/.docker/config.json.